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I’m a, Data Engineer, Python Developer, Machine Learning Enthusiast, Curious Programmer

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👋🏻  Hey there! I’m Shivam and I’m obsessed with all things Data and ML.

Daily, I help clients move their businesses into the cloud by developing Data solutions following the best DataOps and MLOps practices.

I’m a enthusiast Software Developer and a GCP Certified Professional Data Engineer. I have 4+ years of experience and I have worked with Google Cloud Platform(GCP) tools such as GCS, PubSub, Dataproc, Dataflow, BigQuery, etc as well as traditional on-premise stacks like Hadoop and PySpark.



Data Structures & Algorithms


Data Engineering


Machine Learning







Hackathon Winner


Online Courses


Tech Excellence Award winner

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2021 - Present

Accenture | Senior Data Engineer

● Performed Customer’s On-Premise application/data migration to Google Cloud by building effective data pipelines at different stages. ● Effectively removed intermediate raw layer in migration process that resulted in 20% quicker data movements. ● Enabled business insights through predictive statistical modeling and analytical methodologies. ● Independently developed a software component part that was integrated with Accenture’s Internal tool and was patented out in US. ● Developed a framework to validate dashboards built by Data Analysts on Tableau which validated all the necessary data points and KPI’s according to the requirements. This resulted in reduction in overall time spent by analysts to validate and verify their dashboards by 25% and led to better productivity. ● Implemented an Orchestration tool that integrated with AWS Step Functions, AWS Glue, Airflow and GCP Cloud Composer using the cloud provided SDK and API’s. ● Used analytical tools and techniques to collect and process data for analysis. ● Developed analytic solutions to support specific business needs and identify appropriate data to support the solution.

2018 - 2021

Wipro Ltd. | Automation Platform Developer

● Enhanced internal automation framework by 10% needed for new features by developing new Data models. ● Reduced backlog size from each team members by 20% by working on their backlogs. ● Increased robustness of the internal framework by resolving 20% of bugs. ● Automated IxNetwork related test set required by customers by adding automation scripts to the framework. ● Integrated manual testing with Jenkins to run batches of test cases periodically. ● Automated the tedious process of manual diagnostics collection from IXNetwork instrument. ● Trained 10 senior engineers from different role in the Project to get Wipro Python L1 certified by building efficient module based learning plan and guiding them on Python.



B.Tech in Information Technology

School of Engineering | Cochin University of Science & Technology


Machine Learning Nanodegree



GCP Professional Data Engineer

• Design data processing systems that are scalable, efficient and resilient• Build and operationalize data processing systems• Operationalize machine learning models• Ensure solution quality and optimize it using best design approach.

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer

•Set up a cloud solution environment • Plan and configure a cloud solution using best in cliassdesign principles. • Deploy and implement a cloud solution • Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution • Configure access and security

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

● Understanding of AWS services & technologies. ● Ability to build secure & robust solutions using architectural design principles. ● Strategically design well-architected distributed systems that are scalable, resilient and fault-tolerant.

M001: MongoDB Basics

● To be able to set up database and start exploring different ways to search, create, and analyze data with MongoDB. ● Have understanding of performance basics, and discover how to get started with creating applications and visualizing your data.

M220P: MongoDB for Python Developers

● Able to understand and use Python driver to read & write data to the database, use the aggregation framework, and handling exceptions and timeouts.● Able to use build basic & complex searches, increasing the durability of db connection with MongoDB.

M320: Data Modeling

● Able to use sound techniques, to convert from a very simple process for simple schemas to more complex ones for large teams and large projects. ● Have an understanding of frequent patterns to apply when modeling and will be able to apply those in your designs.

AZ-900 : Azure Fundamentals

Cloud concepts, core Azure services, core solutions and management tools on Azure. General security and network security features, governance & privacy. Azure cost management & SLA.

AI-900 : Azure AI Fundamentals

AI workloads, principles of machine learning on Azure, features of computer vision workloads on Azure, features of NLP workloads on Azure, features of conversational AI workloads on Azure.

DP-900 : Azure Data Fundamentals

Foundational knowledge of core data concepts & implementation, how to work with relational data and with non-relational data on Azure, and an analytics workload on Azure.

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